Caring For Your Jewelry

When not being worn, your jewelry is best stored in zip-closed plastic bags, or in individual sections in a jewellery box.  One of the easiest ways to cause tarnish, tangles and other damage is to toss all of your jewellery into one box, container, or bag!

Sterling silver jewellery is prone to tarnish, and may also discolour the skin of some wearers. Neither of these are an indication that the metal is "fake", rather it is the presence of copper in the sterling that causes the aforementioned issues as it oxidizes from exposure to air and moisture.

The speed at which tarnish happens depends on a few factors, including the skin type of the wearer, climate, and what the jewellery is exposed to. It can occur faster if you shower, swim, use household cleaning solutions like bleach, live in a humid climate, bake (cooked eggs can blacken silver) and use hot tubs without removing your jewellery prior.

Silver and gold jewelry can be safely cleaned by using a soft toothbrush with mild dish soap (like Dawn) and warm water. Dry well. 

We understand that you love our engagement and wedding rings so much that you want to wear them all the time, but try to avoid doing the following things while wearing them, to minimize the risk of damage (to you and the jewellery) or loss:

- Swimming 
- Weight Lifting
- Construction and manual labour 
- Hand-focused sports (Volleyball, Rock Climbing, Martial Arts)

We suggest having a jeweler thoroughly clean and inspect your pieces once a year for wear and tear on stones and their settings. We are happy to do this for you for free if you live locally to us!

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