You'll be working exclusively with Miranda to create the piece of your dreams. This can be done online, or through her Kingston studio in person to discuss ideas and brainstorm ways of carrying out your vision. As an artist as well as a craftsperson, Miranda has design aesthetics she prefers working with, and may refer a colleague for something too far outside her style or skill set. She never duplicates the work of any other designer or company under any conditions.

After we select a design direction, Miranda will produce a round of sketches showcasing various options, with a second round of revision sketches if necessary. From here you'll select your absolute favourite and that's when the real fun begins. Your design will be custom built by Miranda bringing your shared ideas to life from paper to metal.



Custom projects tend to cost more than purchasing an item that has already been designed. This is due to the amount of time required to conceptualize, design and carry out a brand new idea in metal. The minimum budget for any custom project is $500 in gold, and $150 in silver.

A $50 non-refundable consultation fee, which will be applied towards your project, begins the process. This includes one round of sketches and one round of edits (if necessary) plus price quotes. This may be an email, skype or in person process. Any additional sketches or requests are subject to further fees. Book your appointment here.

A 50% payment is required once a design has been chosen and before work begins.

The balance is due upon receipt of finished piece. Please note that this applies to local customers only. If we are shipping your item, balance is due in full before it is sent.

The time table can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks depending on complexity of the design and Miranda's work schedule. If you have a timeline that falls on a major gift giving holiday (Christmas, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day) we suggest starting the custom process as early as possible.




What will my custom project cost?

Unfortunately, this is nearly impossible to answer without knowing every last detail! We can tell you that in general, custom projects cost about twice as much as purchasing or altering and existing design.  There are so many factors involved in pricing out a custom project, that we are unable to give quotes without a design consultation ($50, which is applied towards the project should you decide to move forward). Custom work is certainly not the most cost effective way to make jewelry, but it is certainly the most special! You will be working closely with a highly skilled craftsperson to carry out your vision that will be treasured for a lifetime and beyond. This being said, we are also happy to work with your budget. Please be sure to mention your budget (if you have one) prior to your design consultation. You will be given several options that fall at various points of your budget.

What if I'm not sure I want to commit to custom work?

We offer an informal 20 minute free consultation with Miranda. This is a great service for people that are serious about pursuing a custom project, but would like a little more info and to meet the designer before committing to the process. During your visit you can expect to get to know Miranda a bit, talk briefly about your vision and budget and further your understanding of the process. You will not receive any quotes until after you've decided to proceed with the one hour consult. You may book your complimentary consult here.  Please take care to honor our time as we do in return for our clients. If your free consult is cancelled more than once, another will not be available to book.

Custom work seems like a little too much for me, but I want a really special piece. what are my options?

Most of our jewelry is easily customizable. This means that you can request a different metal (we work with silver, 14k and 18k white, yellow & rose gold) a different stone, earring type or chain length generally at no additional or small additional charge.  This is not considered custom work, merely altering an existing design.  Send us a quick email if you're interested in this option--we'll promptly get back to you.

I have an heirloom stone. Can we work with it?

Generally, yes, for local customers only. We must inspect stones before we can determine if they are usable in a new design.  Often older stones are cut differently or are hard to view in their current settings.  We usually must take stones to of their current settings to make sure they are of the quality that is required to work with them.  While this will cut costs to some extent, there is a quite a bit of labor involved in removing the stone and inspecting the stone. Plus, more often than not this option requires us to create a custom setting for the stone as well.  We urge clients to use this option more as a sentimental choice v.s. a cost cutting choice. We can also use your stone with one of our existing bridal designs.

I have gold, can we use it?

Possibly. Reusing metal requires that it goes through many processes to be usable again, which can cost quite a bit.  So while there is generally some savings, it is not often as great as you would expect.  Most people decide to reuse metal for sentimental or sustainable reasons. We prefer to offer this option only to local customers as we are easily able to assess the quality and amount of gold and whether it would be suitable to use for the intended project.

Will you sell me one of your rings without any stones set?

No, we do not sell mountings.

What if I don't know the correct ring size?

A few options here. We're happy to give you a set of ring sizers for you to try and get a read. We can also do our best to guess! Most rings can be sized up and down within reason. We offer a free sizing within 90 days of completion of custom work. We'll be sure to take this in to account when working on the project.



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