Moonrock Engagement Ring - Rose Gold

Van Raay

Moonrock Engagement Ring - Rose Gold
  • $1,225.00

The unusual rocky texture on this engagement ring was inspired by the surface of the moon. An excellent choice for lovers of rustic designs and beauty found in the imperfection of nature. Hand crafted in 100% recycled 14kt rose gold.

Choose your size of Forever One Moissanite by Charles and Colvard. The stone is set in a polished bezel. The texture is deep and durable.

Would you like this ring with a different type or shape of stone? Please contact us for a quote!


--- DETAILS ---

Stone Options:
4, 5 or 6mm Forever One Moissanite

Band: 3mm width x 1.5mm height

Metal: 14k rose gold. ***Please note that these photos have been edited to approximate the colour of natural white gold, and there may be a subtle difference in tone***

Sizes: 4 to 10. Sizes larger than 10 are available for an extra cost - please contact us for details.

Turnover time is 4-5 weeks.



Moissanite measures a 9 out of 10 on the MOHS hardness scale, making it a durable and excellent choice for an engagement ring. The fire is comparable to that of a diamond, and because it is lab grown, there are no surrounding environmental and ethical issues that result from mining. Please see our page on ethical gemstones for more information.

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